Max Calorie Burn Partner Workout — Destroy Body Fat Fast & Get Ripped

Max Calorie Burn Partner Workout — Destroy Body Fat Fast & Get Ripped



Lose your fat and get a jump start on your new years resolution:

Hey guys what’s up it’s Jonny here with my boy Clark and today we are going to be showing you guys a crazy effective full-body partner workout that will help push past your own personal limits which can sometimes get the best of you if you typically like to train alone…

Today’s workout consists of 3 intense exercises, two of which have NEVER been featured on the Six Pack Shortcuts channel, so you guys are definitely going to want to stay tuned for this:

Workout Breakdown:
*3 rounds of the following 3 exercises:
1.) Elevated weighted push-ups – 20 rep drop set
2.) Lying leg push raises – 20 reps
3.) Suspended inverted rows – 20 reps

1:36 – Elevated weighted push-ups with drop set: put your hands on two benches and your feet on a bench behind you so that when you do the push-up, you have 3 to 4 inches of negative that will allow you to stretch and grow your chest… Begin this exercise with a 45lb plate on your back and after you complete as many reps as possible, have your partner remove the plate from your back and continue completing these elevated push-ups with just your bodyweight til you reach failure… Then let your partner do his set.

4:20 – Lying leg push-raises: 20 raises – lay on your back, grab your partner’s ankles and lift your legs upwards toward your partner – the partner pushes your legs down with varied force, alternating to side tosses and straight down tosses… Then let your partner do his set.

7:04 – Suspended Inverted rows: 20 rows – Most gyms have a set of TRX bands available but if you don’t have suspension bands, you can place a barbell across to benches and complete the rows that way – But here we will be showing you guys how to perfected the suspended row with bands)

Start burning more fat in less time:

Thanks again for watching this week, guys. The workout that Clark and I did today was a brand new routine that is super effective for burning off excess body fat but I’ve got a lot more tricks in my personal playbook that I can’t wait to show you guys.

You can learn a few of my other fat eliminating methods here:

Have a blessed day,


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