Insane Testosterone Training Workout

Insane Testosterone Training Workout



Get ripped with these simple 3 steps:

Hey guys, Welcome to day 4 of launch week.

We are here on the actual SPS 2 set… where we shot all the workouts for the new program…

So you are seeing this before anyone else.

And today is day 4 of celebrating our SPS 2 Launch… And if you weren’t here then past few days…

We officially announced that we are updating our original SPS program and launching The NEW SPS2 hormone training program which releases on Monday.

In our new program, Clark, Henry and myself show you our all new 3-step hormone training fix that has proven to be far superior for fat loss than just using the afterburn effect alone…

So just as a recap, yesterday you got to see Clark covering the importance of improving your leptin levels through diet.

Plus, you’ve also been given a shot to win some pretty awesome prizes along the way…

First we gave away our signature Six Pack Shortcuts Training tee to 100 lucky guys.

Then we gave away 100 bottles of our most potent fat burner, Leptin Shred.

But don’t worry if you missed out on submitting your name for the drawing because today, I’ve got another gift to give away.

I am going to be choosing 100 random guys who enter in today to receive a 1 month supply of Test Reload!

Just go to this link right now and type in your name and email address to enter:

If you’re one of the chosen VIP’s, I’ll email you back within 24 hours – so stay posted!

Now let’s get into today’s topic… Testosterone training.

By now, most of you guys know that one of the best ways to naturally boost your testosterone is by regular resistance training.

And today, me and my boy Shawn are going to walk you through exactly how to do that with our T-boosting workout.

Now let’s get into the compound exercises.

WORKOUT BREAKDOWN: Complete the following scorch set sequence 3x total. Taking 30 seconds of rest between each scorch set.

Scorch set 1 consists of goblet squats, dumbbell deadlifts and Shoulder tap planks.

Scorch set 2 consists of jump squats, dumbbell push-press, and dumbbell high pulls.

Scorch set 3 consists of alternating dumbbell side lunge taps, piston planks, and step-ups.

Now that you’ve got a taste of compound testosterone training…

You need to take advantage of furthering your testosterone health with my free Test Reload giveaway today!

Click this link and enter in your name and email right now:

… Because at the 24 hour mark from this video post, I am going to be choosing 100 lucky guys from the entry page to win a free month’s supply of Test Reload.

If I choose YOU, you’ll be getting an email from me – so make sure you keep your inbox refreshed guys…

And sharing is caring… Tell your friends or family to enter for you too to better your chances of getting selected!

And since tomorrow is the very last day of the SPS 2 Launch Week, we’ve saved the best prize for last…

So trust me, do not miss out! I’ll see you guys there!


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