How to Workout to Target LOWER BACK vs UPPER BACK

How to Workout to Target LOWER BACK vs UPPER BACK



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what up guys I’m hittin’ back today. I was doing some close grip pull ups and thought that I’d make a quick video for y’all that shows you how to target your upper back vs your lower back.

Tip Breakdown:
Alright y’all, check this out… it’s really very easy to do because once yo get this one concept down you can pretty much apply it to any back exercise you do.
0:23 When you want to work upper back you squeeze in and end your pulling motion at the top of your chest.
0:54 But if you want to work lower back you pull towards your stomach.
– It doesn’t matter what exercise it is… pull ups, lat pull downs, etc… you can adjust it to work different parts of your back.

2:50 Advanced Strategy: The way you work different parts of your upper back all depends on the angles that you’re pulling.
– Close grip pull up example: 3:02
– Seated cable row example: 3:31
– Barbell example: 4:35

Now again, if you want to work lower back what do you? Pull towards your stomach.
– Barbell example: 5:06

This principle is universal, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing… even a T-Bar row, I can adjust it to suit what I am working that day or to make sure that I go light if I have an injury.
– T-Bar upper back example: 6:37
– T-Bar lower back example: 6:53

Did you see the difference?

Well I hope this little tip helped you out today, because now that you have this concept down it is universal and you can apply it to any back exercise you do and have an amazing looking back.

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See you next time, Peace!


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