How To Knock Someone Out In A Street Fight — With Muay Thai Champion Andrew Raposo

How To Knock Someone Out In A Street Fight — With Muay Thai Champion Andrew Raposo



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What’s up guys. Clark Shao here — head trainer and Mike Chang’s workout partner here at Six Pack Shortcuts.

I’ve got Andrew Raposo here, champion fighter.

Guys need to toughen up, and I know a lot of guys out there that would probably get killed by Ronda Rousey! I’ve been a bouncer before for fun, and I was working at a club that is pretty strict on the dress code. Now, I didn’t know it, but I had pro-football player, Adrian Peterson come up to me. I didn’t let him in because he was underdressed. He didn’t take that very lightly. He actually got pretty upset and tried to fight me. Before it got more serious than a shoving match, the cops broke it up. Now, I would just like to say…I could take him.

Anyways, Andrew here are going to tell us how these pro-fighters train.

Video Breakdown:

1:01 – What does it take to knock somebody out?

Well, it doesn’t take too much. You don’t have to be really strong and big, you just have to aim. Just follow the jawline up (it’s like a button.) The hardest punch is the one they don’t see coming. It’s all technique, timing, and accuracy.

1:49 – Okay, what is the one most important tip for guys trying to get that lean, chiseled physique like a fighter?

We do a lot of full body movements, so even when we punch, we use a full body movement (core, hips, feet) One punch uses a lot of muscle groups, so even just practicing a punch can burn a ton of calories. You don’t have to get hit in the head to be fit like a fighter!
You can do most of these exercises in a short period of time and at home.

3:16 – You have got to be functional, and have a lot of core strength. We concentrate a lot of core training so that you can withstand all the punches and turns that happen during fights.

3:35 – My main goal is to be ripped and muscular, but if I don’t have a lot of time to work out in the gym and go to martial arts school, what would you suggest for guys that don’t have a lot of time do? What is the most effective way?

There is actually a misconception that fighters have to do all these long, intense workouts. It is actually pretty simple. You can do short yet effective workouts to boost your metabolism by a crazy amount. You don’t have to be advanced to do this stuff.

We utilize full body movements with proper techniques that burn a ton of calories, using as many muscle groups as possible. We progress you in a proper way for explosive type movements as well that gets you that lean, chiseled physique.

I have a blueprint that lays everything out, step-by-step, that shows you how to get ripped like a fighter.

4:42 – It sounds a lot to me like our Afterburn Effect that we teach, but you obviously have some knowledge that you have to share with us as well. It sounds very effective because anything that is related to the Afterburn Effect, works really well.

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