How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs (Fast Chest Fat Fix)

How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs (Fast Chest Fat Fix)



How normal guys lose inches of body fat:

Hey guys – today I’m here to talk about something that most guys cringe at… That’s right. It’s Man Boob Monday over here at Six Pack Shortcuts and I am going to walk you through a quick, in-home chest workout designed to develop and broaden your chest. Stretching and building the muscle fascia in this area will result in dispersing the pockets of chest fat that may have accumulated in this area.

Workout Breakdown:

3 Rounds of the following exercises:
-Wide push-ups
-Gorilla push-ups
-Shuffle push-ups
-Incline flys
-Plate squeezes

2:38 – Let’s start with exercise 1: wide push-ups

3:15 – Gorilla push-ups

4:07 – Shuffle presses, we’ve got 10

5:08 – Incline fly’s

6:15 – Plate squeezes

7:20 – Round 2

8:11 – Shuffle push-ups

8:45 – Incline fly’s

9:25 – Plate squeezes

10:30 – This is round 3 guys, stick with me.

11:03 – Gorilla push-ups

11:45 – Shuffle push-ups

12:54 – Incline fly’s

13:33 – Plate squeezes – last movement guy’s finish strong!

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