How To Get Big Triceps Fast, No Weights Required

How To Get Big Triceps Fast, No Weights Required



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Hey Guys,

You ever go to the gym and see one of these resistance bands? You may go, “Nah, what am I going to do with one of these? I am going to grab some weights!”

Well today I am going to show you how to get a good triceps workout in using only…resistance bands!

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2:08 – Now let’s go do some triceps! Are you ready?

2:14 – Try some bands out! You are going to feel your muscles contract a lot differently, because the difference between bands and free weights is…gravity.

2:21 – When you have a weight, there are certain parts with a weight where you won’t have resistance.

2:27 – Some examples of what I mean…

3:32 – The stress in the muscles change with bands. So, I am not saying that resistance bands are better than free weights or machines, but what I am saying is that resistance bands will shock your muscles in ways that you never have before. Also, if you are at home and you want a good alternative to using weights, you can pick up some bands and get a really good workout in using similar movements.

4:02 – Give your body something different to stimulate it for more growth.

4:06 – So here is the exercises we are going to be doing.

Workout Breakdown:

-Kick Backs
-Overhead Band Extensions (Super Set)
-Single Hand Overhead Extensions

4 sets of each exercise – 12 sets total (including those 12 super sets)

Okay, Let’s go!

4:54 – Use any door knob, make sure that you can pull safely. Give it some resistance.

5:05 – We are going to do our kickbacks. Bring your arms to the side and kick back.

Notice the constant tension. This is the best thing with resistance bands.

5:32 – Put some blood in the triceps, we are going to do 3 more sets.

6:01 – Do 10 reps. If you guys are traveling, these are perfect to take with you anywhere.

6:50 – On that last set, hold your last rep. Lock your arms and hold for at least 5 seconds…hold it until it burns.

7:39 – Phew, triceps on FIRE! Next–DIPS!

7:43 – On Dips, you want to go until failure. Then I want you to grab your bands and go into your super sets of Overhead Band Extensions.

9:01 – Super Set Overhead Extensions..then back to dips. Etc.

13:44 – Single Arm Overhead Extensions

13:50 – Here we go!

15:03 – A few more, here we go.

(Note that is it okay to add some help using your other arm if your one starts to get fatigued.)

16:00 – The key is just to do as many as you can. Go until failure.

17:48 – ONE MORE!

18:02 – Alright, that is it, done! And YOU thought this was going to be easy, using resistance bands. I tell you, resistance bands are NO JOKE. The only thing easy about them is…carrying them around! You are up for a challenge.

18:29 – So, the next time you are traveling, don’t worry about gym memberships or missing a workout–pick up some bands. Not only can you do triceps, you can do your whole body! Just get creative.

18:45 – Change up your workout a bit, this will help build A LOT of muscle.

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Leave your comments below to let us know how you like training with resistance bands and to give your own review on Harry’s! See y’all next time, peace!


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Train Hard,


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