How To Eat Healthy When Traveling — For Men Over 40 Only

How To Eat Healthy When Traveling — For Men Over 40 Only



Get Fit On The Go – Minimal Equipment Needed:

Hey guys, it’s Mark here with Abs After 40, and today we’re loading up to go visit the race track in Pueblo, Colorado.

I wanted to show you guys how all this works, and get a little behind the scenes action.

You’ll see how we load everything up, including my “old man” back stretching that’s imperative for us older guys when we’re going to lift something heavy (like my toolbox) and carry it.

I also wanted to show you how to eat healthy on the road. Today we only had time for a stop at the gas station, so I pick through a few options and show you how to get healthier, filling foods instead of the normal crap that they sell.

I ended up picking some fresh fruit, a yogurt (although it had more sugar than I normally prefer), and some lean beef jerky. The key here is looking at the nutrition labels and paying extra attention to the fat content and sugar content. Normally we like to have a fair amount of healthy fats in our diet and foods, however sometimes these little beef jerky sticks are terrible!

You’ll be mostly in the clear if you choose some nuts like almonds, but be careful as too many can also contain a lot of fat (even though it’s the good kind) and a lot of the sandwich options they have, like whole grain breads with tuna or chicken salad, etc.

Another thing you’ll see is a lot of these smoothie or protein shake drinks that they sell actually are loaded with as much sugar as a can of Coke, and that’s another thing you need to keep an eye on with the nutrition labels.

Stick with us for tomorrow’s video as I show you how we’re managing to keep healthy while we pick out some breakfast in the morning at the hotel!

See ya!

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