Full Body BURN – Fat Blasting Landmine Workout

Full Body BURN – Fat Blasting Landmine Workout



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What’s up guys – Clark Shao here with Six Pack Shortcuts….

And I’m wondering today if you’ve ever heard of a landmine workout?

Basically, “landmine” workouts are just using one side of a barbell either resting in a corner, or using an actual landmine apparatus to do exercises.

These exercises will involve a lot more core and explosiveness from the hips than some regular machines or exercises – meaning it’s going to help boost your metabolism, get a lot more muscle activation, and help you get stronger and bigger by taking you out of your normal routine and getting some extra muscle stimulation.

So I don’t actually have a landmine here, so I’m just going to wedge the barbell into a corner where I know it won’t be moving.

Today we’re going to do 5 different exercises, and I’ll show you 10 reps of each.

Workout Breakdown – 5 exercises (10 reps each):

Sumo Squat Hops: So here, we’re doing a sumo squat and incorporating some plyometric activity to get an extra boost in our fat burning and get on our way to activating the Afterburn Effect. Take a wide stance facing the barbell, with your toes facing outward, and lean forward keeping your back straight to grab the barbell. From this position, you will just be pushing the hips forward to drive the barbell up, and add a little extra power by hopping up into the standing position. When you return, come back down to that sumo squat position and start again.

Landmine Overhead Squats: Holding the landmine straight over your head (facing it head-on) squat down as you normally would. Keep your shoulders and core tight – this will challenge your balance!

Landmine plyometric push-ups: In order to do these, you’re basically going to hold onto the landmine with one arm and you’re going to do a plyometric push-up where you have a small hop with your opposite arm. Lying parallel to the barbell, grab it below the weight plate and use this as the base for one hand. Put a dumbbell or something heavy on the opposite side of the weight so you won’t be rolling around (unless you have incredible balance and can prevent the bar from rolling or injuring yourself). Get into push up position, with the other hand on the ground, and as you push yourself up, add a little extra momentum to get a “hop” out of the hand that’s on the ground, and then return to the start. Make sure to switch sides and get equal work from both arms.

Landmine Single Arm Rows: Bend over as you would with a normal row, but next to the landmine. With the hand next to the barbell, grab it, pick it up, and pulling your elbow up and back, contract your back muscles to row the barbell up. Remember to keep your back straight and chest up.

Landmine Shuffles: Standing facing the barbell head-on, pick it up and stand up with it holding it up near your shoulder. You’re going to take a lateral/sideways hop to the opposite side while thrusting the barbell over to the other hand. Catch it as you land on the other foot and then explosively hop back to the other side. This movement is great for core strength, balance, shoulders, and helping improve overall power – which is major in inducing the afterburn effect and burning a ton of fat calories.

0:59 – Sumo Squat Hops
1:36 – Landmine Overhead Squats
2:04 – Landmine Plyometric Push-Ups
2:53 – Single Arm Rows
3:40 – Landmine Shuffles

Alright guys – There’s todays workout for you! Do 3 rounds (or more if you’re really feeling it!) and 10 reps for each exercise. Give your body the necessary breaks that it needs. This is a great workout for causing the afterburn effect since we’re getting a LOT of muscle activation, getting our heart rates up, and really using some explosiveness and power in these exercises. Feel free to add more weight to make this more challenging too.

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Thanks for stopping by, guys. Have a great week!


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