Can You Get Ripped With Cheat Days?

Can You Get Ripped With Cheat Days?



How I got ripped WITHOUT going hungry:

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In this episode, I answer one of the MOST common question I get in the comments. And it’s:


In this video I give you the EXACT ideal number of cheat days you should plan for in your diet. It’ll probably surprise you, because most diet gurus recommend the total opposite.

I also show you how you can get ripped while still occasionally cheating…and how to make healthy eating convenient, so you don’t need to cheat on your diet as much.

It’s some killer stuff, which really helped me get ripped, and which I know can help you too.

Here’s the breakdown:

00:14 // How many cheat days should you have? “None!” Mike explains why?

03:55 // Challenges will cause us to cheat.

04:02 // Challenge 1: Wife, or mother cooks non diet foods and you feel obligated to eat with them.

Solution: Have your mother, girlfriend or wife cook your healthy meals for you, or you could prepare your own meal and still enjoy dinner with them.

05:27 // Challenge 2: Constantly in social events or gatherings so your always tempted to eat bad.

Solution: Eat before hand just drink water the whole time. Don’t even snack on anything as it is very easy to get tempted.

07:22 // Challenge 3: If you don’t have food readily available, you’ll end up always grabbing whatever is available. Most of the time whatever is convenient is mostly unhealthy

Solution: Bring your meals with you, I’ll explain how to make it convenient and simple.

10:53 // Challenge 4: Too much late night drinking, could lead to late night eating.

Solution: Avoid beer, or mix drinks with any sugar, stick to liquor on the rocks.

Make it a priority to go straight home after partying. Make sure to let you friends know if you are not driving.

Eating healthy all the time is tough, but it can be done. There is always a medium to be met so that you will meet your fitness goal and be able to stick to a diet you can actually stomach. You are working hard for that six-pack so don’t let little foolish mistakes like ordering unhealthy food by mistake trump your entire diet.

And if you want to get a ripped body and six pack abs WITHOUT obsessing about your diet, watch this free video now:

I show you how I was able to lose my belly fat and get abs — WITHOUT starving myself or obsessing about my diet.

Of course I had to eat mostly healthy to lose my belly fat — there’s definitely no way around that! But I figured out a few “tricks” to make healthy eating simple and convenient, and to make the food taste delicious. And I also figured out how I can have cheat meals and eat junk food every now and then, and still stay ripped with six pack abs.

This video shows you the diet “tricks” that I use to make healthy eating simple:

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