BLACK WIDOW vs. SPIDERWOMAN Workout — How To Build The Body Women Want

BLACK WIDOW vs. SPIDERWOMAN Workout — How To Build The Body Women Want



Get the ripped body that women will love:

Hey guys it’s Kate (Black Widow) and Daniele (Spider Woman) here today to show you how to get a rock hard superhero physique.

But first, we want to thank everyone for the incredible feedback on our Six Pack Civil War parody that we filmed right here in our own studio gym.

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Now… this quick workout will put your strength, endurance and technique to the test, and we guarantee… It’s not for sissies 😉

Workout breakdown:

Perform each exercise at the rep range indicated and take as minimal rest as you possibly can. Rest for 60 seconds between each circuit… Complete 3 to 5 total circuits for the full fat-burning effect.

12 Kettle bell swings
10 Dips
8 Hanging windshield wipers
6 Inchworm push-ups

2:04 – Start with 12 KB swings. Concentrate on squeezing your glutes while thrusting your hips forward as you swing the KB overhead.

2:45 – Next, 10 dips. Remember to breath as you perform this bodyweight movement.

2:55 – Hanging windshield wipers for 8 – Here, keep your hamstrings tight as you move your body weight from the left over to the right.

3:30 – Keep your core tight on the inch worm push-ups. This is a great full body exercise that is often over looked when it comes to maximizing fat loss.

4:09 – Back for more KB swings. If you don’t have a KB or 55lbs is too heavy, stick with a 35lb dumbbell and hold onto the weighted “head” potion for the swing.

4:42 – Now for the wipers, you also want to be sure that you are stabilizing with your lats here. This will allow you to avoid over-exhausting your hang grip as you are moving your body from left to right.

5:06 – Keep your abs pulled in and your back straight as you work your way down into the push-up position for your inch worms.

5:58 – Think of your arms as a pendulum during your KB or DB swings – this will help you to focus on driving the weight upwards by using the power of your legs.

6:32 – Back for more wipers. This is not just awesome for your obliques, but you can see lats firing as well as almost every other area of the core here.

7:00 – Inch worm push-ups require a lot of energy to perform just 1 single rep so keep in mind that this move is really burning a lot of calories.

8:08 – And you want to take advantage of “efficiency”, which some gym-bro’s refer to as “cheating” or “using momentum”, when in fact it’s a natural mechanism for your body to function through movements more favorably while avoiding injury.

8:20 – Remember to squeeze your hamstrings during your wipers… Yes it’s an ab movement, but we want to make sure we maximize the calorie burn by firing multiple muscles.

9:20 – 3rd round of KB’s, remember to finish strong here with your glutes and hips.

10:20 – Wipers to wipe away the belly fat residing on the core!

11:05 – The 3rd round of inch worms may push you to fatigue but just remember to recruit all of your body’s musculature to most effectively complete this move.

12:05 – Hanging wipers for 8, still making sure that the back muscles are stabilizing the move and that the hammies are locked.

12:20 – And finishing the inch worms like a champ.

13:31 – For the 4th and final round, let’s do a switch-a-roo variation of the KB swing. It’s a one hand pass – it requires a bit more coordination, but with more challenging technique, you can guarantee a greater calorie loss.

14:31 – And how about a dip with an L-sit kick? Just to spice things up.

15:40 – Spider woman taking on the one hand pass KB swings with power-based form.

16:39 – Static holding an L-Sit in the dip bars is NO JOKE.

16:50 – Ab raises, focusing on the entire abdominal sheath.

17:19 – And to wrap it up, inch worms.

17:46 – That wraps it up guys – We want you to try this workout for yourselves, let us know what you think – leave your comments below! We’ll see you next time

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