Advanced Full Body Dumbbell Workout

Advanced Full Body Dumbbell Workout



How I went form being fat to having a ripped body:

What’s up,

This is Mike Chang with sixpackshortcuts, and today we’re going to blast our entire body with my advance dumbbell workout. This workout will not only burn off your belly fat, but it’ll also get you that lean and athletic body your always wanted.

Workout breakdown

** 10 reps per exercise or ten rep on each side per exercise
** Completing all exercises equals 1 round // Complete four rounds per for entire workout.

0:22 Push up rows – Do a push up holding the dumbbells and complete a single arm row with the dumbbell directly after. Complete rows with both arms.

0:44 Dumbbell front squat – Curl the dumbbell up and hold the dumbbell at the top position. Squat down and have the elbow touch the knees before coming up from the rep.

1:07 Spinal crunch- Start off on your hands and knee and bring up and out your right arm and left legs. To complete the exercise, bring back in the right elbow to touch your left knee. Alternate on both sides, and make sure you squeeze your abs during each rep.

I hope this exercises serves you well.

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