5 Ways To Bring Up Lagging Body Parts — With Henry & Nate

5 Ways To Bring Up Lagging Body Parts — With Henry & Nate



How normal guys can get ripped quick:

Hey guys what’s up, today Nate and I are going to be talking about how to take your worst, or lagging, body parts to

0:48 – So let’s start with the outer chest. What I like to do are bottom flys supersetted with a medial fly – doing these with the cable machine will allow you to get a consistent contraction to force more blood into the muscle and lead to more growth!

3:19 – Another great superset that you can do to build your chest will be incline dumbbell chest presses and plate presses. This will add some serious definition to your inner chest.

5:50 – Next, let’s talk about forearms. One great move for forearms are dumbbell rocking curls.

7:12 – You can also go high volume on forearms are seated barbell forearms curls. Keep a lose grip so that you aren’t training your wrist ligaments… An open palm will ensure that you are activating your forearm musculature to it’s full potential.

8:48 – Now, onto biceps. To achieve a great bicep peak, a great exercise that you can do are concentrated cable curls.

10:46 – Another killer move for bicep peak growth are cable column curls.

13:40 – Onto calves, another commonly lagging body part for a lot of guys. 3-position standing calf raises are very effective because they force the muscle to activate from 3 separate angles which can result in a greater anabolic effect.

16:00 – You can also do elevated calf raises which will allow you to reach a greater range of motion and deepen the stretch of the muscle itself.

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