3 Fast Testosterone-Boosting Supersets With Clark & Brooke

3 Fast Testosterone-Boosting Supersets With Clark & Brooke



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Hey Guys, Clark here today for Abs After 40 with my lovely guest trainer Brooke. Today we wanted to go over a question a lot of you have asked…When it comes to training, should Tarzan train like Jane? What I mean exactly is when it comes to training what is best for a man’s body versus a woman’s body? Brooke and I are going to do an arm superset workout to show you how men and women should approach training differently with the same goal of losing fat and getting toned.

What I want you guys to remember with this training circuit today is that the movements are not going to change for Brooke or myself – what will change is the repetitions for our sets. Women don’t want big muscles, but they want to be toned so the rep range Brooke is going to be using will differ from how I do my sets. I’m going to stick to a rep range of 8-12, while Brooke is going to go for about 12-20.

Before we get started I wanted to remind you guys out there…Men have 10 times the amount of testosterone in the body than women, therefore if a woman is only going to be doing 8-12 reps they’re not going to be getting big and bulky like us guys. It’s important to understand that in order to start training to properly lose stubborn body fat and get to that lean and athletic goal physique.

4:21 – Superset #1:
– Alternating Bicep Dumbbell Curl – Focus on muscle contraction. Keep a consistent tempo for the time under tension of your muscle as you bring the weight up and back to the start position.
– Modified Dips – Keep the elbows in tight and focus on the squeeze of your triceps at the top. Work on getting lower and deeper in the dip, making sure to not strain the front deltoids in the shoulder.

8:19 – Superset #2:
– Overhead Tricep Rope Cable Extensions – Position the pulley at a height right above your head. Keeping the core tight when bent over, shoulders down and away from the neck, really getting the full extension and contraction on the triceps when you begin pulling. Always be aware and use the right weight – if you continue to hit the top of the 12 rep threshold with the same weight, that’s a sign to go up in weight.
– Cable Cambered/Bent Bar Bicep Curl – The cambered or bent bar will help with the tension in the elbows. Remember to keep that consistent tempo and time under tension. Try coordinating and regulating your breathing with the tempo of the movement.

12:29 – Superset #3:
– Reverse Grip Cambered Barbell Curls – A different kind of grip variation, where your palms are facing away from the body while performing the curl. For women, the movement can be more challenging since it requires a bit more grip strength and larger wrists to control the weight.
– One-Arm Overhead Dumbbell Tricep Extensions – While standing in the start position make sure to keep the core and glutes tight, with shoulders back and away from the neck and elbows always in the same spot. Using dumbbells and training isolation movements like this can help train any muscular imbalances.

Like I mentioned before and I can’t begin to stress enough guys – your testosterone levels are absolutely ESSENTIAL for losing the belly fat and getting to your goal physique. Begin rebuilding your testosterone levels right here:

If you’re a guy and you see a pretty girl at the gym, remember to take your ego out of the training. Do you know what’s going to impress her more than doing sub-par and rushed reps? DISCIPLINE. Focus in and really concentrate on building the muscle-mind connection when you are putting in the work to train; I promise you that it will make a world of difference when it comes to burning off the fat and building the toned physique you have your mind set on achieving.

Did you like having Brooke in today for our “Tarzan Meets Jane” training session? We definitely did, so in the comments below let us know what other questions you have when it comes to training like lose body fat and look like Tarzan, or for you ladies out there, how to tone up to get looking like Jane.

God Bless,
-Clark Bartram

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