3 Easy Ways To Build Shredded Boulder Shoulders

3 Easy Ways To Build Shredded Boulder Shoulders



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Hey guys what’s up it’s Clark here today to share with you guys my BOULDER SHOULDER workout – The routine consists of 3 of the all-time most effective shoulder exercises that target the rear, medial as well as anterior deltoids to create a complete, well-rounded, BOULDER look to your shoulders.

1:00 – And speaking of BOLD… This reminds me of my most recent book I just finished from, called “BOLD” by Steve Kotlet.

1:10 – I immediately connected the FLOW theory to my personal fitness lifestyle. The author explains “flow” as a state at which your mind and body are both completely immersed in any given activity.

This struck home with me because I know that sometimes I come into the gym tired, hungry or distracted – and my workouts as well as my results suffer… This is because I wasn’t paying attention to the importance of FLOW.

Mentally making myself aware of how important FLOW is before each and every workout allowed me to make a stronger mind and muscle connection. Think about it – If you are completely focused and in-tune with your workouts, the individual pumps and contractions are WAY more intense and effective…

1:32 – I definitely recommend this book to any of you who are interested in re-arranging the way your mind and body tackle obstacles because this book really puts things into perspective for me personally… Audible has more than 150,000 downloadable books to choose from so check out and get your first book FREE!

1:42 – So let’s go ahead and get into the FLOW of this routine with the first exercise, standing military press! We are going to do:

Workout Breakdown:

1. 10 reps seated dumbbell press (to stimulate the entire shoulder)
2. 10 reps standing lateral raise (for medial delts)
3. 10 reps rear delt fly (for rear delts)

All for 3 total rounds.

2:11 – Now if you need a break, please do so – Because the muscles that make up your shoulders are very small, they are more delicate than say your quads and hammies – making them that much easier to tear or tweak so if the workout is getting strenuous, take a 1 to 2 minute breather as needed!


3:20 – Seated dumbbell press: set 1

5:00 – Seated dumbbell press: set 2

7:10 – Seated dumbbell press: set 3

8:40 – Standing lateral raises: set 1

9:33 – Standing lateral raises: set 2

11:50 – Standing lateral raises: set 3

12:57 – Seated rear delt fly: set 1

14:35 – Seated rear delt fly: set 2

16:14 – Lying rear delt fly: set 3

Build lean, ripped muscles that women will love:

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