200 Rep Abs Challenge Workout (Can You Do It?)

200 Rep Abs Challenge Workout (Can You Do It?)



Want to get a ripped body and shredded abs at the same time?

Hey y’all,

It’s Mike Chang with sixpackshortcuts and today I’m taking you through my 200 reps abs challenge workout. This workout will give you total control of workout time and speed. This means you can push yourself beyond the limits and develop the amazing six pack abs you’ve always wanted FAST.

Workout breakdown:

*200 reps of Abs

0:31 The way to these 200 reps is by doing as many reps as possible for that exercise and then writing the amount of rep on the board. There is no limit on the amount of reps you do, just do as many as you can and write it up on the board. Keep cycling through the exercises until you have reached 50 each per exercise, which totals up to 200 reps.

Exercises order:

Half burpee sliders

Need to elbow plank

**Then attack the abs from the side

Side leg raises [Right side]

Side leg raises [Left side]

I hope this video serves you well.

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Train Hard,


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