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Yoga Poses That Help You Sleep | Yoga



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So we’re going to begin with yoga poses to help you sleep.

So for me, whenever I have difficulty sleeping I can usually pinpoint it to one thing. And that is a wandering, overactive mind, I just can’t shut up my mind and so you’re lying in bed and your eyes are wide open and you can’t seem to fall asleep even though your body’s tired. So the aim to yogi’s believe that if you can be able to, I have tools to regulate the breath you can, it’s the same for the mind.

It’s the same for calming of the mind so, this type of alternate nostril breathing, also called Nadi Shodhan pranayama, of breathing can help you to do that, kind of calm down and give you a focus point. So we’re going to try it, Nadi Shodhan breathing, OK, alternate nostril breathing.

So you just need your thumb just taking your dominant hand. For me it’s the right hand, take your thumb and your ring finger so you’re going to curl these first two. If it’s hard to keep this finger up you can just use your pinky, so for me I’m going to do these two, so I’m going to set the thumb on my nostril. You take a full breath into the left side, and then you close both and then you release the air down the right side, close both inhale up the right side, close both, and then exhale down the left side so it looks like this.

And so on, so you can go up and over, up and over. There’s two ways of doing it, you can keep it continuous or you can add retention, so you can inhale hold up the top, exhale down that side, hold the bottom, inhale up and exhale down. So, that’s just a way for you to calm the mind, so by using a controlling breath you can use that to regulate and calm the mind, which will help you sleep.

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