Workout song : Powerful Inspirational true story…Never give up!

Powerful Inspirational true story…Never give up!



When you Don’t give up..You cannot fail!!
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I want to say a BIG thank you to ‘everyone’ who has commented on the inspiration that they’ve received from this video. When I put this video together I was following my heart to inspire ‘Whoever’ might be discouraged to… “Not Give Up!”

However, I have received the most from this posting. I have been blessed from the countless strangers who have directly (or indirectly) motivated me to continue forward.

I did not know when I posted this video that ‘exactly a year after posting this video that I would experience a tragic loss. Life has a strange way of holding us up in our time of need.

May we all spread the message of hope
“Don’t Give Up”!

Warmest wishes,
Connie Lynne

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