Workout song : Best Female Workout Music Motivation Most Effective Beats & Sounds

Best Female Workout Music Motivation Most Effective Beats & Sounds



The best epic workout music made to motivate at the gym or at home. Not your typical EDM but music designed to pump you up with specific tempos, frequencies and sounds that will stimulate your body and boost your metabolism.

Epic electronic music, best workout mix including styles such as Electro house, Dubstep, Techstep, Drumstep, Glitch Hop, Experimental, Euro electronic, Complextro, Tribal House, Tech House, Broken Beats, Electro pop, etc.

La mejor musica para hacer ejercicios ideal para el gimnasio o para escucharlo en casa mientras entrenas; excelente musica para motivarte y crear el ambiente perfecto para diversos tipos de ejercicios como abdominales, ejercicios para brazos, piernas, levantamiento de pesas, aerobicos, jogging, y mucho mas.

All songs are original except song number 2 that is a cover version of Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
Copyright © 2015 by JP Lukini
All rights reserved

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