Workout Plans : Women’s Fitness Photo Shoot Athens Ga | The HardCore Gym | Personal Training

Women’s Fitness Photo Shoot Athens Ga | The HardCore Gym | Personal Training



This video is a behind the scenes look at a photo shoot we did with Sara for an upcoming project at The HardCore Gym in Athens, GA. Make sure you pay attention to Sara’s before photo at the 50 second mark. Sara has been doing personal training, bootcamp, and fitness kickboxing at Athens Fitness and Mixed Martial Arts. Much of her great shape can be attributed to extensive kettlebell work with Coach Steve Fogle.

More recently she has started training for powerlifting competitions. Sara can already squat and dead lift over twice her body weight. Sara is proof positive that a woman can be fit, strong, and look great without the fear of looking “bulky” or “manly”.

Does it take hard work? Of course it does. Does it take discipline? Most certainly. But if you are a woman in Athens, Georgia looking to get in great shape, lose weight, and still look like a lady, then we have personal trainers and programs to suit your needs.

Look at the confidence on Sara’s face as she has her photo taken by a professional photographer. She looks and feels great and it shows. If you would like to feel and look as good as Sara then please go to or call 706-850-8444 to schedule a FRE*E fitness consultation TODAY.

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