Workout Plans : Total Body Workout | Compound Exercise Routine | HIIT School

Total Body Workout | Compound Exercise Routine | HIIT School



HIIT School brings you 15 compound (total body) exercises for a complete and very challenging total body workout routine. Compound exercises are combo exercises that incorporate two or more exercises into one repetition working multiple major joint and muscle groups. Share the video and be sure to follow HIIT School on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and G+.

Perform each exercise 10, 15, or 20 times depending on your skill level.

1. Dumbbell squat to press
2. Push up with feet to hand floor jump
3. Dumbbell deadlift to bent over row
4. Wrestler hip turn out
5. Dumbbell sumo squat to upright row
6. Tuck jumps
7. Dumbbell walking lunge to bicep curl
8. Burpee with dumbbell
9. Dumbbell skull crusher with leg raise
10. Half V-ups
11. Dumbbell renegade row to push up
12. Glute bridge from knees with a low to high wood chop
13. Full sit up to stand up
14. DB lateral jump over mat to chest press
15. Full sit up to shoulder press

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