Workout Plans : Best HIIT Workout Routine For Getting F*ckin Shredded

Best HIIT Workout Routine For Getting F*ckin Shredded



Follow this to get insane-looking abs:

In this video, you are going to learn all about high intensity interval training and why it’s the most powerful form of cardio to get shredded.

Fitness model Troy Adashun discusses why he loves high intensity interval training and why it can help you sculpt six-pack abs. HIIT works so effectively because it manipulates your body’s fast twitch muscle fibers, which are fired up during maximum contraction movements such as sprinting.

High intensity interval training (also known as HIIT) will manipulate your body’s key fat burning and muscle building hormones, allowing you to pack on lean muscle mass and burn fat like a beast!

HIIT is the perfect form of cardio to get ripped and sculpt lean six-pack abs. Troy Adashun says in the video that he learned powerful HIIT science and workout routines from Olympic Sprinter Justin Gatlin, who highly recommends it as an efficient form of fat burning cardio for the average person who has healthy joints.

The science is simple – HIIT will fire up your metabolism because it takes your body much longer to recover your fast twitch muscle fibers that are used during sprinting.

These type 2 muscle fibers take 24-48 hours to fully recover, and the process of recovery “burns calories” and also boosts crucial body composition hormones.

Troy says that the best HIIT workout routine to get shredded is very simple. You run sprint intervals and perform explosive dumbbell squat jumps in the same workout. Depending on your current level of fitness, this workout will last anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. Troy discusses the entire routine in the video, so make sure to pay attention closely!

Watch this video on high intensity interval training and learn the complete science of this incredible form of fat burning cardio. This video will serve as your HIIT blueprint on how you can utilize it into your training routine in as little as two times per week for 20 minutes to get shredded.







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