Workout : Inmate, Convict, Prisoner, Jail, Prison, Workout, Routine, Burpees, No Weights or Steroids

Inmate, Convict, Prisoner, Jail, Prison, Workout, Routine, Burpees, No Weights or Steroids



There are no WEIGHTS in this prison system! Maybe the prisons in your state or the ones you observed on television have weights, but this one does not. Maybe the prison that your sister’s friend went to had weights, this one does not. You might think that steroids flood this prison system, they do not. I spent a few calendars on the mainline of this prison system so I am speaking from experience.

These cats get swole without weights because they were taken out of this prison system in the late 90’s. The food provided by the state is high in fat and low in protein so when you consider they have no weights, and their diet is lacking in the proper body building nutrients their physical condition is remarkable. These cats would put most licensed physical trainers to shame in their knowledge of working out and building solid muscle.

All they got to work with is water bags (seen in the first three pictures in the video and they can weigh about 50 pounds), calisthenics, burpees, push-ups, pull-ups, dips, and other bar work. For a leg workout a homie will sit on their shoulders so they can do lunges or squats.

This video should serve as motivation to you to get yourself in top physical shape because you don’t need an expensive gym membership or even weights. Start with push-ups and other exercises that use your body weight. Fill two milk jugs with water and you now have some makeshift dumbbells. If there’s a will, there’s a way if you are able bodied, so stop making excuses and get at it. Put the pies, cakes, twinkies, and soda down and start eating healthy and building muscle.

The first song is “Thorn In My Side” by Bushwick Bill, the second song is, “Understand Me” by B the Messenger, the last song is, “What If” by Kre8tor, and the Gospel Message is by the Warriors from their album “No Limits.

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