Workout : Beginner pole fitness strengthening exercises

Beginner pole fitness strengthening exercises



Pole Core: Beginner Pole Fitness Strengthening Exercises
Presented by Dakota Fox of Aradia Fitness NC

Some of Dakota’s favorite strengthening exercises for ladies (and gents) just get started with pole dancing… for beginner/intermediate level ladies looking to build more strength… or even for advanced ladies looking for a few new exercises to add to their arsenal!

Dakota recommends doing 2-3 sets of 5-15 repetitions of most of these exercises. Mix & match exercises 2-5 days a week for optimal results. Please consult a physician or certified instructor close to home before beginning any physical exercise to ensure your health & safety remain first & foremost in your fitness routine.

Stay tuned for Dakota’s intermediate and advanced strengthening exercises videos to amp up your Pole Core workout at home as your strength & technique continue to improve!

Dakota owns Aradia Fitness USA with the headquarters location in Cary, NC. She is also available for workshops, privates and performances – email for more information! Follow Dakota online at:

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