Workout : 8Fit Mobile Workouts, Meal Plans and Personal Trainer IN ACTION and REVIEW

8Fit Mobile Workouts, Meal Plans and Personal Trainer IN ACTION and REVIEW



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Fitness of the rest of us!
Join a fitness community with millions of users!

1. Customized workout plans
-Our high-intensity workouts boost your metabolism and are adapted to your personal goals.
2. Meal plans that work
-Studies prove that our high protein diet significantly improves energy levels and fat loss.
3. Track your progress
-Our progress tracking will keep you on the right track and keep you motivated to keep working out.

Meal Plans tailored to your goals
Nutrition is 80% of the results. Get personalized plans to reach your goal.
-Designed by nutritionists
-In-app shopping list
-Simple and delicious recipes

Quick, effective workouts

Follow a workout plan designed for you.
-Personalized for your fitness and goal
-Intense 5 to 15 minute sessions
-Burn 120 calories in 5 minutes

Stay on track

Daily Tips and Challenges
-Track your daily steps and activities
-Log custom meals and sports
-Stay on track to get fit!

**Watch Baby Theo and I try our luck using the 8fit app on my Iphone.
Wow! I was VERY impressed with how quick a sweat started half way into my 13 minute workout!
Your roadmap to a healthier, leaner, stronger you.
8fit is your personal fitness trainer. Get customized workout & meal plans to get fit & healthy.

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