Workout : 4 Yoga Poses to Reduce Belly Fat

4 Yoga Poses to Reduce Belly Fat



Here are 4 Yoga Postures to Help Reduce Belly Fat, which is caused by lack of exercise and over eating.

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Sun Salutations –
Are great in the morning after many hours of lack of movement during sleep (the lymphatic system eliminates toxins through movement).

This helps to detoxify your body.
It tones up the internal abdominal organs by alternate stretching, and compression cycles that results in better digestion and bowel movement.

It discourages fat build up and helps with weightloss.
It increases spine and waist flexibility.
Regular practice of Sun Salutations benefits your body in many ways.
Try to do at least 2 rounds to notice and feel a difference.

Cobra Pose-
Practice cobra pose. Start by lying on the ground on your stomach. Place your forehead on the floor as you bring your hands underneath your shoulders, with your fingers splayed and palms pressing firmly into the ground. Gradually lift up your head, neck, shoulders and chest as high as possible. Make sure to keep your elbows close to your torso as you hold the position. Keep your hips and thighs on the ground as well.

The weight of your body on the navel area massages the digestive organs. This helps improve digestion and elimination.

Cobra Pose strengthens the muscles of the back, abdomen and entire upper body.
It also Makes the spine flexible.
Hold the cobra pose for 30 seconds.

Bow Pose –
Bow Pose is great for strengthening the abdominal core. To reach it’s full potential, you can rock back and forth.

This motion gives your entire abdominal area an excellent massage and activates your digestive system, and fights constipation.

It also gives the whole body and back a full stretch. It increases blood flow into the spine. Feeding the nerves. It’s an energizing pose, very calming, and keeps your body alert and clear.

knees to Chest –
Helps tighten the abdominal muscles and enhances fat loss around the waste line.
Another benefit is the toning and stretching of the lower back.

You should hold this position for 4-8 breaths.

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