Welcome Back Dan Rose – CEO & Co-Creator of Six Pack Shortcuts

Welcome Back Dan Rose – CEO & Co-Creator of Six Pack Shortcuts



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What’s going on, guys? Jonny here today with a very familiar face – Dan Rose, CEO of Creator of Six Pack Shortcuts. I know you guys have been asking a lot about Dan and where he’s been on the channel and turns out, he’s behind the scenes running everything!

Today we sit down with Dan to go over in more detail the end of Six Pack Shortcuts and what’s in store with the changes coming:

1:14 – How Dan got started and created Six Pack Shortcuts with Mike Chang.

3:22 – What it was like when the company started taking off.

3:59 – One of the first-ever videos we posted – Dan’s M-100’s workout

4:54 – The new programs following Six Pack Shortcuts

6:45 – The changes coming to YOU – the viewers – this week!

7:19 – Changes to the channel – not just a fresh coat of paint

7:57 – Dan’s presence on the new, improved channel along with his new personal YouTube channel on entrepreneurship; Pajama CEO

8:52 – Lass Six Pack Shortcuts video ever… EPIC COMPETITION FRIDAY! Prizes for YOU guys

That’s all the time we have for today. I hope you guys have a better understanding of what’s happening here on our end and the changes we are making for all of you. Trust me – you don’t want to miss what’s in store for this week and the amazing changes we have made for all of you.

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Thanks for watching. We’ll see you guys tomorrow!
-Jonny & Dan

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