Ultimate Workout Fails: 4 Things NOT To Do In The Gym

Ultimate Workout Fails: 4 Things NOT To Do In The Gym



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What’s up guys, it’s Clark here today to get real with you on the most common gym fails.

No one wants to be “THAT” guy in the gym who is known for often making humiliating and even completely avoidable mistakes, that not only keep them from getting the most from their workouts, but also totally damage their rep at the gym.

Video Breakdown:

0:25 – FAIL #1 – The “NAH, I DON’T NEED TO WARM-UP” guy: Most of us know or have seen a video clip of the guy who goes straight into a heavy working exercise and immediately tares, dislocates, or experiences immediate discomfort within his ligaments or connective muscle tissue due to neglecting what I like to call “pre-hab”.

Warming up helps prime your nervous system for exercise, helping you prevent ligament damage, muscle strain as well as premature fatigue.

1:20 – FIX: To warm up properly, try the bodyweight variation or the lightest possible weight of the exercise you are preparing to do that day. You need to get your body warmed up and ready to exercise, while also promoting vital blood flow containing oxygen and nutrients to the areas you will be working, priming the muscles for growth and progression before your first working set even starts.

2:20 – FAIL #2 – The “ALL I DO IS CARDIO” guy: Listen, we get it, getting shredded is your number one goal and purpose from the minute you walk into the gym until your exit – But I am here to tell you that chaining yourself to the treadmill or the stationary bike for 2 hours everyday is NOT the best way to achieve a toned, lean physique

Excessive cardio actually promotes muscle breakdown – making you look more like a malnourished third world toddler than a lean, chiseled hunk.

3:12 – FIX: Try some resistance. It’s what makes the Afterburn Effect so effective…

Without strength training, by the time you’re in your 70s, your muscle strength and tone will have declined by roughly 25 percent from what you had in your mid-30s. You’ll lose up to 50 percent once you approach your 90s.

3:50 – FAIL #3 – The “OVER-DO IT” guy: The over-do it guy is an ever growing fail among gyms today. The over-do it guy is in the gym every day, perhaps even twice a day, doing the same workouts over and over with no results or enhancements to his physique ever occurring – Despite his dedicated efforts, he completely misses the point.

5:08 – Adequate off-days from training, regulated sleep and nutrition will enforce that your time spent in the gym is going to pay off.

FIX: Take one to two rest days per week, get 7 to 8 hours of restful sleep and don’t skip meals!

6:17 – FAIL #4 – The “ARE YOU DONE YET” guy: Instead of hovering over the machine or gym equipment that is currently in use, do something else. I know that most guys have a game plan upon entering the gym for their workout but it’s ok to think on your feet and get creative. If the equipment you wanted is currently in use, it’s ok to politely ask when that person will be wrapping it up but do NOT linger around, pace or act like a tough guy about it.

7:40 – FIX: Instead, try a new variation of that particular exercise. This will get you out of your comfort zone and probably stimulate further muscle growth. Plus being polite could lead to making a new gym buddy or spotter for future sessions.

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