The Six Pack Shortcuts Chest & Abs Challenge

The Six Pack Shortcuts Chest & Abs Challenge



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Hey it’s Mike Chang and today I’ve got a pushup and ab challenge for you guys! We’re going to see how many pushups you can do in 30 seconds then how many bicycles you can do in 30 seconds. How long can you last? Let’s push hard and stay focused so we can be that much closer to the body we’ve always wanted.

0:26 – You need to aim to do a minimum of 10 pushups per each 30 seconds. Now this is going to get harder as you go along, so if you get tired before the timer goes off just hold a plank position.

0:46 – For the 30 second bicycles you should also aim to do a minimum of 10 per each 30 seconds. We’ll make this easy and count each side as 1 bicycle.

0:57 – The objective is how many minutes can you last? I’m going to shoot for 10 minutes!

1:11 – So the book I was talking about last month, the audible book of the month, is the “The 4-Hour Body” by Timothy Ferriss. He has a lot of great points and we share a lot of the same concepts. I don’t want to spoil anything, but he has some really simple rules that are easy to follow.

1:44 – What’s really interesting though is that the book is not just about how to get super lean or ripped doing the minimum effective dose (MED), there’s actually other parts:
– Rapid Fat Loss
– Incredible Sex
– Becoming Superhuman

2:15 – He’s got some pretty interesting pointers in there as far as the sex part goes!

3:14 – I want y’all to check this part out – It’s called the 15 Minute Orgasim, and it’s how to take care of your girl in 15 minutes!

4:15 – If you haven’t checked it out already check it out this month!

4:26 – Let’s now do some pushups!

**How long can you last?

4:47 – Round 1 – Let’s do this!

14:47 – End of 10 Rounds – That was pretty good and felt great! Pushups and abs are a really great combination to do, keep it simple.

16:01 – Hope you enjoyed this workout and don’t forget to check out that book. Oh, by the way I’ll say one thing – Chapter 17, definitely Chapter 18, but it’s 17 when it starts on that interesting little sex talk.

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