The Six Pack Shortcuts Bodybuilding Back Workout

The Six Pack Shortcuts Bodybuilding Back Workout



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What’s up guys,

It’s Mike and today I’m taking you through my actual back and abs workout. In this video I’ll demonstrate the intensity and the exercises you’ll need to build a wide muscular back and the ripped abs you’ve always wanted. And see if I could finally do one arm rows with 120 lbs!

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Now lets get to training:

Video Breakdown:

3:40 Pull ups

5:30 Bent over rows

8:00 One arm bent over rows – both sides

12:48 T-bar

17:30 Deadlift

20:02 Abs instruction

**3 rounds: 30 seconds per exercise with no rest

20:36 Begin Abs


Side leg raises – both sides

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Train Hard,


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