The End of Six Pack Shortcuts…Major Changes Coming This Week!

The End of Six Pack Shortcuts…Major Changes Coming This Week!



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Hey, guys! It’s your boy Jonny here today with Mark and we got some news for you… We are shutting down Six Pack Shortcuts. This week will be the last week of videos for Six Pack Shortcuts, but don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere. We have a lot of changes in store for all of you viewers out there to make this channel even better for you!

As a going away “party” for ending Six Pack Shortcuts, we will be giving away some free stuff to you viewers as a thank you, so you don’t want to miss it!

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So, a lot of you may remember Dan Rose from the earlier Six Pack Shortcuts videos, doing the M-100’s workout and training with you guys. What you may not have known is that Dan actually never went anywhere…In fact, he’s CEO of Six Pack Shortcuts!

You’ll be seeing Dan all this week on what’s going on with the changes that are happening this week. Also updating the viewers on the company and what he’s been up to. Dan will also be giving you guys some insight on his personal YouTube he will be doing that goes into the life of an entrepreneur.

As Mark mentions, there are some exciting changes coming for the men over 40 that have been watching us for some time now too. We’ve grown so much over the years, and now it’s to a point where we have guys in their teens and guys in their 80’s watching the same videos we’ve been posting.

To wrap this week up, we have an all-out competition between the Six Pack Shortcuts team here with Mark, Clark, Toby, My Squad, and your’s truly that was SO close, you won’t want to miss it – an Old V.S. Young faceoff!

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Like we said, we’re giving away a ton of free stuff for you guys out there watching, so you don’t want to miss out on everything that’s happening this week.

This is Jonny Catazano and Mark Mcilyar signing off. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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