Super Fast Abs Workout

Super Fast Abs Workout



Get yourself six pack abs now:

Hey it’s Six Pack Shortcuts coach Henry Tran, and today we’re going to remix one of Mike’s old post-workout ab blasters using TRX bands this time, to spice things up. Using TRX bands is a great way to train your abs because it uses core stability as the primary focus during each exercise; making each move much more intense.

Workout Breakdown:

We’ll do these core-strengthening exercises for 30 seconds each, and 3 rounds total.

TRX Planks -30 seconds
We’re just doing a standard plank here – and you can do it on your hands or forearms – whichever is more comfortable for you. Make sure to really hold your core muscles tightly to keep your back straight and avoiding letting your butt sink.
-no rest-
TRX Mountain Climbers – 30 seconds
Just like regular mountain climbers, bringing each knee as close to your elbow as possible. Make sure you’re really focusing on contracting your obliques and lower abdomen as you pull the leg toward you.
-no rest-
TRX Crunches – 30 seconds.
These are kind of like tuck crunches, because while you are in plank position, you will just be tucking your knees toward your chest by contracting your abs for the 30 seconds.

2:38 – Getting set for Plank

2:50 – Round 1 – Plank for 30 seconds

3:25 – Round 1 – Mountain Climbers

4:03 – Round 1 – Crunches

5:24 – Round 2 – Plank

6:15 – Round 2 – Mountain Climbers

6:48 – Round 2 – Crunches

8:25 – Round 3 – Plank

9:00 – Round 3 – Mountain climbers

9:58 – Round 3 – Crunches

Give yourself some rest between sets if you need it, and complete 3 rounds to really blast your abs!

Quick and dirty tips for getting ripped:

My abs were seriously feeling shredded after this workout, but that’s the feeling that gets you lean and ripped. If you want to follow the program that got me to where I am today, and you wanna get six pack abs fast, go here:

Thanks for watching today, and keep up with me for more ways to get ripped and lean.

See you guys next time, and until then, TRAIN HARD.

PS – Share this workout with your friends and see who can do it with the least amount of rest! Let us know how it goes in the comments below.

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