Super Fast AB Burner Workout

Super Fast AB Burner Workout



How I got abs…FINALLY:

This is a super fast workout to build muscle on your core love handles, and cardio. No equipment needed. You can use this at the end of a workout OR do this workout by itself and do the following:

10 reps Knee to Elbow Planks
20 reps Mountain Climbers
20 reps High Knees
– non stop = 1 round.
Do 4 rounds if you want to use it at the end of another workout.

If you would like to do this for the entire workout, perform 4 rounds nonstop. rest 2 mins. perform 4 rounds again…rest 2 more minutes. perform the last 4 rounds….then past out.

Just kidding, but don’t forget to drink some water during your rest time and if you feel dizzy, rest for a lil bit and start back on a slower pace with more rest.

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Super Fast AB Burner Workout