Quick 15 Min Fat Burning Workout | Intense Ab Circuit Training With Jonny Catazano

Quick 15 Min Fat Burning Workout | Intense Ab Circuit Training With Jonny Catazano



Training For Your Six Pack Abs Starts Here:

What’s going on, guys? Jonny here today with Six Pack Shortcuts to go over one of my personal ab-training routines I do to make sure my six pack abs are looking good and strengthening my core. We’re going to do 3 different exercises for 10 reps each, going through 3 rounds of the circuit total.

The main takeaway today is always to ensure you’re properly engaging the core and abs when doing ab exercises. This way, you’re not relying on momentum or other body parts when working out your abs and you’re able to be much more effective and efficient with your training. Let’s get started:

1:51 – Reverse Crunches On An Incline Bench for 10 reps: The important thing to remember is to relax your pelvis and hip flexors. Do this by laying back and pinning your shoulder blades to the bench. Rest your hip flexors, groin, and pelvic bowl as much as possible to ensure that your legs aren’t doing the work and you’re not using momentum to complete the reps. To perform this move, start by laying on an adjustable bench set at an incline, bracing the top near your head with your arms holding the bench tight. With feet together and a slight bend in the knees, lift your knees up to your hips, remembering to keep loose and relaxed in your pelvis and hips. When your knees reach the height of your hips, press straight upwards and drive your hips up towards the ceiling.

If you’re working out at home without an adjustable bench, not a problem! You can start out with just laying flat on your back, shoulder blades still pinned to the ground but this time sitting on your hands and performing the movement with the same form. As you progress, try moving your hands out to your sides for underneath your butt for more of a challenge.

3:07 – Oblique Rope Crunches for 10 reps per side: Remeber, guys, this is an ab exercise so don’t pull with your arm, but engage the obliques and core while pulling the rope. For example, if you start off by training the left side, focus, and picture in your mind that the left side of your abdomen is the only side that is working out. This is a crunch movement, so start at the top with your left arm across your body holding the rope attachment. Don’t set the weight too heavy at first and begin by moving the left side of your abs and obliques down in a crunch motion, remembering that you aren’t using your arms, but your core.

For a version of this exercise to do at home, without equipment, get in the same kneeling position and start with your left, only now instead of using a cable pulley put your left palm on the left side of your head and perform the crunch motion with the same form.

5:18 – Hanging Ab Raises for 10 reps: The hip flexors and pelvis are not suppose to do the work here, guys, so remember to keep those loose and relaxed. While hanging from a pull-up bar with hands at a comfortable width apart, being raising your legs up from hanging straight down using your core. A good tip for these is not to keep your legs together, but at hip-width apart with your legs slightly bent at the knee.

If a pull-up bar isn’t available for you, practice the same form and engagement by laying flat on your back, similar to doing the reverse crunches. This time, don’t sit on your hands at all and keep your arms to your side, still raising the legs using your core and keeping the pelvic bowl, groin, and hip flexors relaxed.

Also, say you’re having a hard time completing a set of 10 reps – try your hardest to get the movement done, but resist the negative as you come back up. This will help with prolonging the time under tension for your muscles, so you are still able to have them engaged and working during the movement. If you just can’t seem to get all 10 reps, go for as many as you can, then take about a 15-second pause before getting back to the exercise to finish up the remaining reps.

So, this workout circuit is all 3 exercises done back-to-back for 3 rounds. As you can see, it only took 15 minutes to do and included ways even to do variations of these workouts at home so you can start training right now.

Are you just getting started training for your six pack abs? Not sure if you’re doing an exercise correctly or need another variation to change things up? Then let us know in the comments below.

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See Y’all Next Time,
-Jonny Catazano

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