Neurological Overload Sets (INSANE Bodybuilding Technique) – With Ben Pakulski

Neurological Overload Sets (INSANE Bodybuilding Technique) – With Ben Pakulski



Build the muscular body you’ve want FAST.

Hey ya’ll it’s Mike Chang with sixpackshortcuts, and today my buddy Ben Pakulski and I are going to show you his N.O.S. training system. This type of training will target your nervous system and spark muscle growth exponentially. It’s the one of the most efficient way to training and it’s sure to help you get the ripped and muscular body you’ve always wished for.

Video breakdown:

In order to truly build muscle, you have to provide it with a hormonal environment capable for supporting muscle growth.

In order to do so you must do a couple of things:

1:24 Create cell swelling, which is also known as the pump.

1:32 Create lactic acid to generate more growth hormone.

1:36 Create muscle damage to support new growth space.

Example of a N.O.S. Training set.

1:54 Pick a weight you can do eight reps in control. Then drop the weight down 20% and continue on for 4 sets with no rest. At this point you should feel total fatigue, and start to apply partial reps.

Workout notes:

**In a tempo called 4010 tempo. 4 seconds down, no pause 1 second up and no pause back down.

**Partial reps are movements that only require half the movement. For example on the bench: Push the weight only half way up.

Hope this helps you.

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