Master Pick-Up Artist Connor Murphy’s Best Tips For Attracting Women

Master Pick-Up Artist Connor Murphy’s Best Tips For Attracting Women



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Hey, guys, today we got Connor here with the beautiful Kelly to go over how to achieve an aesthetic physique for attracting the ladies.

There are tons of guys watching right now who have the same goal in mind – to get a great looking body to attract and get that girl of your dreams, right? Well, one of the first steps is being able to admit that to yourself. One of the greatest things you can do to help yourself when you are starting out any kind of training is making sure you understand the “why” behind the “why” of achieving six pack abs and getting a lean, athletic physique. So, let’s have Connor break it down for us:

0:38 – Know your goals to plan your workout: Make sure you know your goals and what you are striving to achieve when you walk into the gym or get ready to workout even at home. If you want to be a great powerlifter, then train like one. If that isn’t your goal, well, then don’t! Same with cardio – if you don’t want to look super thin or train for a marathon, don’t spend 20, 30+ minutes on the treadmill.

1:09 – Connor’s Routine: Push/Pull/Legs Split: Now, guys, this is CONNOR’s split – remember that he is an advanced bodybuilder who has spent years figuring out what works best for him. Your workout split should be centered around those goals we were talking about.

2:21 – Losing body fat is the key to a small waist: If you want to be losing fat, you need to be eating at a caloric deficit, which means taking in fewer calories than you are burning off. Again, this is where the HIIT cardio comes into play.

2:46 – Pushing exercises accentuate shoulders: Great workouts like incline bench press help to develop the front of the shoulder, as well as seated shoulder press or standing military press. To get the wider shoulder look, you can also do isolation exercises like side lateral raises to hit the “medial head” or side of the shoulder.

3:34 – Isolation curls after a pull routine will help build arm muscles: So, if you are looking to build those big arms with those peaks on your biceps, incorporate isolation curls on a pull day or have one day of the week you want to dedicate to building up your arms. Isolation curls work great with a dumbbell and a preacher curl seat, or you can use the adjustable cables and set the pulley at the bottom to do curls.

3:50 – Getting ripped six pack abs: A common mistake most guys make is thinking that you have to do a lot of ab workouts to get a six pack. Actually, what you need to first focus on is lowering your body fat percentage. Now, that doesn’t mean to stop doing ab workouts completely. Since you still can look to develop and define the muscles there, so doing things like cable ab crunches and hanging leg raises to target the midsection and core are going to help still to get the curvature and look of the six pack once the body fat percentage is down.

4:46 – Build up your confidence with your body: If you have worked hard, put in the time training, eating clean, and committing to a lifestyle for looking and feeling your best, then don’t be scared or ashamed to show off your hard work. Most women love a guy who is confident and comfortable with their body, so never be afraid to show off what you got. Other guys might think you’re cocky or whatever, but the point is to attract that woman you have your eye on.

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