Insane HANDSTAND Workout – Get A Ripped Upper Body Without Weights

Insane HANDSTAND Workout – Get A Ripped Upper Body Without Weights



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It’s Mike Chang here with sixpackshortcuts.

I’m so glad you’re making the choice to get in great shape today.
Here’s a quick total body workout you can do at home to help you increase your strength and endurance. This workout will help you burn stubborn fat and build some solid lean muscle.

Let’s get this workout started.

Routine Breakdown:
3 rounds of 3 exercises
10 reps of each movement
Rest time: minimum

0:20 Push Up with a cross over is the first move and it is really going to work on your abs.

0:28 Burpee with a jumping knee tuck is the second move, which is great for burning fat.

0:32 Hand stand push ups is going to be the last and hardest move for me personally. I have a goal of getting better at this exercise, so I am going to start getting better today!

1:58 You can use a pike push up if you are not ready to do the handstand push ups, because it works the same muscles as a handstand push up.

I hope this workout serves you well.

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