How to Easily Improve Your Overall Performance

How to Easily Improve Your Overall Performance



Get Ripped Abs Fast:

Hey what’s up guys,

It’s Mike and today I’m sitting here with my buddy Christian. We’ve been talking about a real interesting subject so I thought I’d set up the camera and let you in on our conversation! This is a rare peak into a real conversation, so listen up because I think this is some good information that you all can benefit from to reap more benefits from your workouts.

Video Breakdown:
0:15 I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately and it’s really been affecting me and my workouts. I’m feeling very jet lagged, my sleep patterns are all messed up and the intensity of my workouts have definitely suffered!

0:35 First, here’s a little background about Christian:
– Master’s degree in human nutrition.
– Been in supplement industry for about 20 years and has seen every trend out there!
– Has been a pro-bodybuilder for about 15 years. (See his pic: 0:47)
– Most importantly, this is the guy I turn too for advice on workouts, supplements, hormones, things like that.

1:26 How can sleep affect your workouts, your strength and your intensity?
– Sleep in absolutely crucial for what we do here at Sixpack Shortcuts.
– If you lose 4 – 6 hours of sleep or are jet lagged, like in Mike’s case here, is going to:
1) Throw off your whole system.
2) You’re not going to be able to focus properly.
3) You’re not going to be able to recover from your workouts properly.
4) Your not going to be able to perform your day-to-day functions.
5) Your love life will suffer.
7) Your immune system will take a huge beating.

2:07 Most people try to deal with this by taking stimulants such as coffee, energy drinks, etc… to feel normal.
– I’ve been guilty of this myself. And even though you may feel like you’re not tired your creativity, your focus, your intensity, ANYTHING that requires your attention goes down.

2:59 This is basically like putting a band-aid on a hatchet wound.
– Eventually, you’ll have to recover and get back to your normal sleeping patterns.
– Long term you’ll never reach your fitness goals because:
1) You won’t be able to recover from your workouts.
2) Your hormones will be completely suppressed.
– Including growth hormones and your testosterone.

4:24 The main problem is resetting your Circadian Rhythm: this is your body’s own natural rhythm for sleep.

– To help get myself back on that rhythm to be able to fully focus, I carry with me some Melatonin. This is the hormone that is responsible for resetting your whole circadian rhythm, it will induce sleep.

5:36 Anywhere from 1mg to 5mg of Melatonin is perfect (depending on your tolerance).

5:51 Do you tend to get tired around the same time each night? Or, have you ever woken up right before your alarm goes off in the morning?
– This is your circadian rhythm and the amazing feeling of RECOVERY.

7:04 How long would it take to get your rhythm back?
– It depends on your own body, for some people it may just take one night of taking it, while for others it may take a couple nights to reset everything to where it’s supposed to be.

7:28 To put it more simply, your circadian rhythm is your body’s response to light.
– We have evolved to be awake when the sun is up and to get tired when the sun is down.

– For most people, this can be corrected in a day or so, but it shouldn’t take more than 3 days of taking Melatonin to recover yourself and get back to normal.

8:28 This also affects your immune system.
– A compromised immune system can make a big difference for a couple reasons:
1) You’re more susceptible to airborne diseases like catching a cold.
2) You’re responding to your local allergies more.
3) Can get a small sinus infection or upper respiratory infection.
– All this can cycle back around and cause you to just lose more sleep again!

9:30 The importance of sleep can’t be stressed enough here!
– With one good cycle of sleep it can snap right back to 100%.

10:05 The WORST case scenario are partiers.
– You can see that their skin is sullen, there’s bags under their eyes and they’re constantly sick, some even have their teeth falling out!
– This is all because their body is tired and needs rest.

11:15 Oxidative Stress: this is stress from everyday living and can even be positive stress, such as from working out – but mainly from work, family, your partner, etc… It all adds up!

Are you seeing signs of your circadian rhythm being off?:

I didn’t always have the six pack I have today. I used to have stubborn belly fat and I thought that I would never get rid of it. But I knew there was something missing and found that it was my sleep! I made it my mission to correct what I missing and find what would give me ripped six pack abs. I found it… now I have the body I’ve always wanted.

Train Hard,

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