How To Do Your First Pull Up (Then 6 More)

How To Do Your First Pull Up (Then 6 More)



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Hey guys, it’s Jonny here at Six Pack Shortcuts ready to hit you all with the beginners guide to perfecting the pull-up. I’m gonna give you the proper 3 steps in performing the ultimate perfect pull up because it’s one of the greatest exercise movements in developing a great overall physique.

It’s true what they say: Practice really does make perfect – Especially when it comes to executing the perfect pull-up.
But practicing improper form is more likely to hinder pull-up performance than actually help, so anyone aiming to make their first pull-up a reality should begin by perfecting the proper form – Which is exactly what I am here for!

Now let’s get down to the 3-step business of perfecting the pull-up.

0:50 Step Number 1: Get a Grip
There are a lot of different grips here and things poking out everywhere, and all of them can help you work different areas of your back and arms. But for basic beginner purposes, and for the goals we have in mind, we’re just gonna do a regular, overhand grip, a little bit wider than shoulder width apart.

1:48 – Get that grip, nice and wide.
Stand under the bar and grab it with both hands. Your palms should be facing away from you with hands shoulder-width apart. If you can’t reach the bar, get a boost from a bench, stool, or box. Use a standard overhand grip, and you can choose whether you want to wrap your thumbs around or just keep them hooked over the top.

2:13 – Step Number 2: Hang Out
Get your grip and actually hang. No kip ups, no jumping pull ups. A true, complete pull-up begins in a dead hang. No kip swings, flails or momentum propelled hip thrusts guys – pure, powerful form is what we are aiming to achieve! When you hang from the bar, your arms should be fully extended with your core engaged and shoulders back. Strength will be developed by keeping this form in mind each time you pull—it’ll help you avoid swinging, kicking, and jumping, which means that you’ll be using your muscles, not momentum, to master the move.

3:06 – Step Number 3: Pull (Up) Using your back and lats. Initiate the actual pull by squeezing the bar with your hands while engaging the muscles of your upper body and core. Imagine pulling your elbows down to your sides as your entire body travels toward the bar. Resist the urge to strain your neck in an attempt to break the plane of the bar with your chin. Continue to pull until your chin clears the bar with ease, at which point the upward phase of the pull-up is complete.

3:27 – Earlier I mentioned you might not be able to do a pull up. And that’s okay! You can use the assisted pull up machine at the band, or you can use exercise bands. Wrap them around the bar and put your knee through it or put it under your feet, and that way you can begin to do a pull up using the proper form – and eventually, you’ll be able to take them off and do it without any help!

4:07 – Demonstration. Get a grip; wider than shoulder width. Hang. And then Pull!

So there you have it guys, my 3-step system to perfecting the age old gym staple, the pull-up! It’s tough in the beginning – I wasn’t always able to do a pull up. Some of it’s just in making the right brain-to-muscle connection and then it’s all downhill from there. Once you can, though, this exercise will really help carve out your lats, which will make your abs look more ripped, and make your back look bigger and wider. For additional tips and routines for sculpting your ultimate physique, check us out at:


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