How to Build Bigger Biceps at Home – 5 Bicep Exercises for Mass

How to Build Bigger Biceps at Home – 5 Bicep Exercises for Mass



Check Out How Power Block Helps You Build Ripped Muscle:

Hey what’s up guys!

It’s Mike with Sixpack Shortcuts and today we’re going to be hitting Biceps! I’ve got a great Power Block Bicep Workout. So listen up, because using equipment for exercises just like this one will get you that much closer to the body of your dreams!

Workout Breakdown:

0:20 Today’s objective: To put a lot of size on your arms without using any machines or cables!

5 Exercises / 6 – 8 Reps / 3 Sets / Minimum Rest Time – 30 Seconds Max

0:48 1) Standing Curl (both arms)
– This will be both arms at the same time

0:53 2) Concentration Curl
– Sitting, doing one arm at a time with your arm braced inside your leg

0:56 3) Inclined Curl
– Sitting back on an incline bench, curling one arm at a time

1:02 4) Reverse Incline Curl (both arms)
– Chest facing the bench so that your inclined the other way and curling one arm at a time

0:09 5) Hammer Curl
– You can either bring it straight up to your shoulder, or bring it up across your body to the opposite shoulder.

You ready? Grab your dumbbells and let’s go!

Video Breakdown:

The Power Block set I’m using today goes up to 90lbs, but I don’t think that I’ll be using all that today!

1:53 Tip:
– If you’re going to be doing 6 – 8 reps but are able to get in a couple more, that’s ok.
– Just get in those few extra that you’re able to do and up your weight on the next set.
– You to be at almost failure by your 6 – 8th rep.

– Standing Curls
2:18 Set 1
2:59 Set 2 – remember not to rest for too long!
4:04 Set 3

**I’ve actually just started using Power Blocks and am building my gym at home using these!

– Concentration Curls
4:40 Set 1
6:18 Set 2
7:10 Set 3

– Inclined Curls
7:56 Set 1 – keep your palms open to stimulate more of your bicep
8:51 Set 2
8:58 Set 3

9:10 Let’s change up the weight to make it lighter for the next exercise.
– See how easy this is?

– Reverse Incline Curls
9:20 Set 1
10:16 Set 2
10:46 Set 3

10:57 Let’s change the weight one more time for our last one: hammer curls.

– Hammer Curls
11:08 Set 1
11:42 Set 2
11:55 Set 3

Hope you enjoyed this workout, give this a try for yourself – Your biceps will thank you! Comment below if you have any questions and as always, leave your comments. And remember, just try it out, that’s all it takes!

For those of you who don’t know, I didn’t always have the muscular body I have today. I was pretty puny and weak and didn’t have any muscle definition. Now that I have found Power Block, I can easily do my workouts and move seamlessly between exercises. I’m currently converting my garage so keeping watching to see what I get set up! So click the link to see how you can easily put together everything you need to get the ripped, musical body of your dreams.

Train hard,


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