How Skinny Guys Can Build Lean Muscle Fast With Clark & Henry

How Skinny Guys Can Build Lean Muscle Fast With Clark & Henry



How normal guys can get into killer shape fast:

Hey guys what’s up it’s Clark here with my boy Henry today to discuss how beginners just getting started in the gym can start packing on serious lean muscle mass.

0:24 – So Henry, you are a tall guy so how did you personally start putting lean size onto your frame?

0:39 – Well first, I came to terms with my body type: ectomorph. I’m just naturally lanky and skinny so I knew when I got started with my training that adding size was going to be a challenge.

0:46 – Getting started, I made sure I was EATING. Portions of proteins, carbs and fats is what it takes to support size. Growth happens when you feed your muscle.

1:35 – I eat effectively and on schedule. By that, I mean 7 meals a day… Every 2 to 3 hours!

2:12 – The foods for lean fuel are ground turkey, chicken breast and beef.

4:29 – Sleep is a key in making gains as well. It plays a huge role in repairing and recovery. Try to get 6 to 8 hours… With only 4 hours, your muscles and hormones are not regenerating.

6:50 – What is the idea training style for skinny guys looking to add size?

7:00 – It’s definitely a combination of heavy reps and light reps. I like to stick to higher reps for the most part to continue leaning out all of my muscle groups.

8:06 – I also recommend superset exercises in my training too so I can stimulate more muscles in a given workout. Double the work, double the pump, double the gains!

9:50 – My number one tip for skinny guys is number one: be consistent and number two: be committed. You’ve got to feed your body, put time the time in at the gym and be consistent with your sleeping patterns.

Get six pack abs in record time:

Thanks again for tuning in guys. Henry has put in years and years of training to build lean, quality muscle mass and it wasn’t until he recently discovered the training tips that I utilize that he realized he could have got the physique he wanted in a fraction of the time!

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