Hardcore Upper Back Dumbbell Workout

Hardcore Upper Back Dumbbell Workout



Build a ripped and muscular V-Taper upper body FAST.


Some great news sixpackshortcutters…our community was just featured in this month’s (April 2013’s) issue of Muscle and Fitness! You can pick it up in newstands now. Check out my story on page 44!

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Hey man,

Today I show you my hardcore upper back workout. This workout will help you build a ripped and muscular V-Taper upper body that you can be proud of when you take your off at the pool this year.

I’m also super excited to show y’all my very own article on Muscle & Fitness Magazine. I grew up reading this for workout inspirations and now I’m actually in it. How cool is that?

Page #44: Mike Chang fitness article // Page #60: // Page #160: Afterburn Fuel review

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Video breakdown:

**Do 4 sets of 8 reps for each exercise

Exercise demonstration:

2:50 Bent arm side laterals

3:01 High bent over rows

3:20 High one-arm rows

3:27 Bent over shrugs superset with side laterals (to the ceiling)

Begin workout:

4:21 Dumbbell warmup

4:31 begin workout

Hope this workout helps you out.

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Train hard,


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