Get Abs Like A Fighter – Featuring Champion Fighter, Andrew Raposo

Get Abs Like A Fighter – Featuring Champion Fighter, Andrew Raposo



Fastest way to ripped abs:

What’s up guys. Clark Shao here, head trainer at Six Pack Shortcuts and Mike Chang’s workout partner. Today I’ve got champion fighter, Andrew Raposo, to show you guys how we can get a ripped physique just like these UFC fighters do.

Andrew is a 2x Gold Medalist Boxer and North American Muay Thai Champion.

We are going to do a really simple ab workout that you can do at home–really short, and what we are going to emphasize on is strengthening your core.

I guarantee you that this is something that you’ve never done before.

Video Breakdown:

Exercise #1 (5 Reps)

0:41 – We are going to start with long plank walkouts. Start at the top of a push up position, and brace your abs nice and hard.

0:52 – Walk your hands up as far as possible, without moving the hips too much, while still bracing your core.

0:59 – Walk out and walk back in

1:06 – Walk out and in again

1:12 – Walk out and in

1:16 – Now to really challenge yourself walk your hands even further above your head, and if this is too challenging, just go as far as your head.

1:30 – Alright, there you have it, that’s exercise #1, now for exercise #2: Long Plank Armpit Touches

Exercise #2 (10 Reps)

1:37 – We will hang out at the top of the long plank position, then touch your armpit with the opposite hand.

1:48 – Again, you can modify your hand position to suit the intensity. Keep your abs nice and tight.

Exercise #3 (10 Reps)

2:12 – Box Planks: Hands beneath your shoulders, knees beneath the hips. You’ll want to take your knees slightly off the ground, then take one hand off the ground.

2:25 – Here’s what it looks like. Again, try not to move your hips too much, abs nice and steady.

3:05 – That really is challenging. You can always adjust your body to make it even more challenging.

That was only 1 round. Now, do that for 3 rounds, and you have hell of an ab workout. Intensity.

So, I know you’ve done a lot of workout, but I challenge you to try this one out.

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Thank you all for tuning in – Seeing the positive results and total body transformations from all of the Six Pack Shortcuts members motivates me more than anything; Your results fuel my passion to share my experiences, tips, and training routines so as always, keep training hard and living the fit life

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