Free Fat Loss Ebook + WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

Free Fat Loss Ebook + WINNERS ANNOUNCED!



Free fat loss ebook:

As a part of our “New Year’s Giveaway” event, I’m releasing a FREE 25 page ebook called “Why Your New Year’s Resolution To Get In Shape Is DOOMED — And What To Do About It.”

It’s pretty shocking, but it reveals the truth about why 95% of people who make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or get in shape FAIL. I’ll show you the five most common reasons why resolutions don’t turn into reality — and how to avoid them so that you successfully lose your belly fat and get abs in 2012.

AND — I also include some KILLER fat loss tips inside the ebook to help you stay lean and ripped.

Download it now:

Today, I also announced the WINNERS of the New Year’s Giveaway contest!

The response we received was incredible — far more than I expected. There were over 2600 comments, and 42 video responses. There were many, many great reasons to get in shape — too many to pick just five winners. So instead…


Check out the end of this video for the comments and video responses of some of the winners. Also, if you entered check your YouTube messages for a message from me. I couldn’t include all the winners in this video but I put in as many as I could.

To everyone who didn’t win — I’m sorry, but I could only pick so many people. But I encourage you to remember the reasons you gave me for why you wanted to get in shape — and to use them to motivate you to transform yourself in 2012.

TO EVERYONE WHO WON: I’ll be sending you your username and password around 3 PM TOMORROW AFTERNOON. Look for them in your inbox then!

Friday Dan and I will be back with a new video called “My Top 5 Fat Loss SHORTCUTS.” These are some totally new techniques that I’ve been using over the past year to stay lean — and I think you’ll agree they’re far better than anything I’ve taught in the past.

Until then…

Train hard,


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