Fat-Melting At-Home Cardio Workout (Fat Loss For Busy Men)

Fat-Melting At-Home Cardio Workout (Fat Loss For Busy Men)



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Get ripped at home:

Hey guys… Jonny here, welcome to my casa here in Austin, Texas!

Today I’ve got a killer at-home cardio workout for you guys.

But before I get into the workout, I want to give a shout out to our friends at Audible.com for supporting our channel and hooking us up.

The book I’m actually listening to is called Shoe Dog by Phil Knight.

If you’re not familiar, he’s the creator of Nike. This book goes into great depth about how he started the whole thing and the challenges he faced along the way, and I think it’s great for anyone because you can really relate that to any obstacles you’re currently facing in your fat loss or muscle gaining goals.

Workout Breakdown – 10 reps of each exercise:

Box Jumps: Just like it sounds, you’re going to stand in front of a box or a ledge that you’re comfortable jumping up onto with both feet at the same time. If you’re not quite to this level just yet, either choose a lower box or do step ups instead.

Decline Push Ups: Elevate your feet on another ledge that is about a foot and a half off the ground, with your hands underneath your shoulders (or slightly wider). Get into push- up position (entire body should be tight and in a straight line), and lower yourself down, then explode back to the starting position.

Bench Dips: Stand with your back facing the bench, and squat down to put your hands on the bench behind you, fingers facing forward and elbows backward. Depending on your experience level, put your feet out straight or keep the knees bent as you lower yourself down til you feel a slight stretch (shouldn’t be painful) in your chest and shoulders, then push up back to the top with your arms straight.

6:14 – Box Jumps
6:47 – Decline Push Ups
7:11 – Bench Dips
7:55 – Box Jumps
8:47 – Decline Push Ups
9:05 – Bench Dips

Alright guys, so that’s two rounds.

For advanced guys, do about 5 rounds, and for beginners, try to get 3.

Just from those 3 basic movements, keeping your intensity up is going to really help your metabolism get moving and get you into a calorie burning state.

Thanks for watching today, and stay tuned for more fitness tips, fat loss, and how to get ripped advice!

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PS – Feel free to share this with your friends! See who can do the most rounds or who can do 5 the fastest:

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