Don’t Skip the Gym…Here’s my 10 Minute Chest Workout

Don’t Skip the Gym…Here’s my 10 Minute Chest Workout



The BEST Way to Get Your Sixpack Abs and Sculpted Body – FAST!:

Yo What Up Guys,

It’s Mike with Sixpack Shortcuts and today I’ve got a 10 Minute Chest Workout for you! How often do you have days where you’re supposed to go workout, but you don’t have the time or you forgot your gym clothes or maybe you just plain don’t feel like it? Don’t skip your workout on days like that, because I’ve come up with a short and super effective chest workout for you. So follow along with me today on this one, it’ll only take you 10 minutes and you’ll be that much closer to the body you deserve because you still got your workout in!

Workout Breakdown:
You can do this with any type of workout, but today we’re going to be doing the Bench Press.

Goal: To get 10 sets of bench presses in 10 minutes!
– You’re going to do: 30 seconds of as many bench presses that you can do, them 30 seconds of rest = 1 Set.

You think you can do this? I know you got 10 minutes… Let’s go!

Video Breakdown:
Be sure to adjust your weight so that you can last all 10 sets.

2:44 Set #1
3:14 Rest – it doesn’t matter how many you can do, just keep doing them.

3:44 Set #2
4:44 Set #3
5:44 Set #4
6:44 Set #5
7:44 Set #6
8:44 Set #7
9:44 Set #8
10:44 Set #9
11:44 Set #10

Oh man, that’s it! All you need is 10 minutes and 1 exercise. Whenever I don’t have time for the gym, this is what I do… I just get in here and bust out my workout in 10 minutes and I’m out. This is one of the exact methods I used to stay consistent with working out in the beginning, give this technique a try and see how much your body changes when your off days with something like this

The trick to getting a ripped body super quick is to keep mixing it up… you can see how HERE:

Don’t keep doing the same workout over and over, eventually your body will get used to it. And if you take days off whenever something goes wrong (you forget your gyms clothes, you don’t have enough time, etc…) it will seem like FOREVER before your body starts making some visible changes. This is why you see those annoying plateaus where your results just all of a sudden just stop coming. Always stay consistent with getting in the gym and don’t forget to switch it up. If you want to see the workouts that I use to keep my body guessing, you can check it out right now – HERE.

Train Hard,

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