Diets Plans & Healthy Food : Why Do We Need To Sleep And Eat Healthy? – Get Well Soon

Why Do We Need To Sleep And Eat Healthy? – Get Well Soon



Tiredness. Dr Ranj isn’t surprised that Riz feels so tired because he doesn’t sleep for long and doesn’t eat very healthy food, then Nurse Morag and the Healthy Helpers put together a balanced diet jigsaw.
Get Well Soon is a show based on children’s experiences of going to the doctor. It features five loveable puppet characters that come in to visit the doctor, and through them children get to learn about common health issues.

The show is presented by real-life paediatrician Dr Ranj Singh. He helps children to understand how illnesses affect our bodies and to understand a visit to the doctor can help explain symptoms and be the first step to getting better. Each episode sees Dr Ranj open up his surgery to a different child puppet. They are Deep, who is shy and bashful; the inquisitive Riz; Kiwa with her charming self-confidence; boisterous Jobi; and finally sweet Petal.

The puppets display different symptoms, allowing Dr Ranj, with the help of his assistant Morag Calder, to explore and explain 30 of the most common childhood illnesses, injuries and general ailments, from asthma to chickenpox; food allergies to hiccups.

Get Well Soon will educate and enlighten children, help allay fears and provide positive health-related messages to children and their parents.

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