Diets Plans & Healthy Food : The Okinawa Diet: Living to 100

The Okinawa Diet: Living to 100



What would happen if you centered your diet around vegetables, the most nutrient-dense food group?

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Yes, there are purple sweet potatoes—yum!

Why do those eating plant-based diets live longer, though? There are all sorts of mechanisms I find fascinating:
• Methionine Restriction as a Life Extension Strategy (
• Why Do We Age? (
• Caloric Restriction vs. Animal Protein Restriction (
• Turning the Clock Back 14 Years (
• Longer Life Within Walking Distance (
• Prevent Cancer From Going on TOR (
• Does Meditation Affect Cellular Aging? (
• Telomeres: Cap It All Off with Diet (
• Nuts May Help Prevent Death (
• Increased Lifespan from Beans (
• Fruits and Longevity: How Many Minutes per Mouthful? (

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