Diets Plans & Healthy Food : Knowing more about AUTISM & how Diet plan helps –

Knowing more about AUTISM & how Diet plan helps –



Autism Diets at Dr. Joshi’s Center for Autism

Dietary intervention for autism helps in dealing with the challenges parents and caregivers face in dealing with various issues related to eating. Thus preventing nutritional deficiencies in them along with improvement in the areas of comprehension, cognition, hyperactivity etc.

There is a theory of leaky gut syndrome that the food which is broken down naturally into metabolites and absorbed in blood, instead due to this leaky gut the molecules of protein such as gluten and casein are absorbed directly in the blood. These absorbed proteins travel to the brain and may cause inflammation which can lead to symptoms of autism. Thus a gluten free casein free diet is recommended to them under expert guidance. When a GFCF diet is followed one should make sure that it is replaced by other nutritional diet options to prevent deficiencies.

At Dr. Joshis center for Autism we have observed that when a Gluten free casein free diet (GFCF Diet) was given the children improved a lot in the areas of comprehension, hyperactivity, speech started to improve. But we also observed that this diet was not effective for all.

For children with Hyperactivity we have seen a low glycaemic diet has shown encouraging results, similarly various different diets have to be formulated as per the need of the child who is on the autism spectrum disorder.

Autistic children have sensory issues to certain food textures, smell, taste of food, they may like to eat only one particular type of food such sensitivities can lead to nutritional deficiencies.

At Dr. Joshis center for autism we have a structured program where we not only give the diet plans but also guide on how a healthy recipe can be cooked so that children with sensory issues can easily eat that food. Thus helping parents to manage a healthy balanced diet for the children.

At Dr. Joshi’s centre for autism in our quest to reach out to people across the globe we have developed an Online Nutrition Program to meet the needs of children on autism spectrum as well as adults who are on the spectrum.

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