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Healthy Recipes | Carli’s Favorite Smoothie



In this video I wanted to share Carli’s current fav smoothie recipe. It’s a non-dairy shake that she and I know you guys (especially you women) will enjoy! I will always update you guys with what Carli and I are doing with our diets in regards to what we eat, what we aren’t eating, etc!

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Almond Milk (organic)

-Substitutes for Almond Milk:
Coconut/Cashew/Hemp Milk
Coconut Water

FRUITS (all organic)

-You can use any type of fruit you want just make sure it is organic and fresh!

Organic Spinach (used in video)
1 Scoop MateFit Green Power (Spirulina, Chlorella, etc.)

-You can use any type of healthy greens you want, but like the fruit make sure they are organic and fresh!


1.) When cutting a whole pineapple, let the pineapple chill upside down for a few hours before cutting it. The juice that collects on the bottom will run through the fruit and create a much sweeter pieces!

2.) Use a non-dairy liquid base; almond milk, coconut milk, coconut water, cashew milk, water, etc.

3.) If you like BANANA in your smoothies, chop 1 up before making your shake and throw it in the freezer for an hour or two. The frozen (and fresh) bananas create a good consistency besides tasting amazing.

4.) Buy the WHOLE fruit, organic and fresh. Not frozen fruit, or pre-chopped fruit. You pay for convenience when shopping in a supermarket. Buying whole fruits and vegetables will always save you $.

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