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Best Foods to Gain Weight | Healthy Recipes



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Be it any condition, a healthy diet is a road to fast recovery. Watch this video for some quick and easy recipes to help you recover from being Underweight!



While many people struggle to lose those extra kilos, there are a few who strive to do the opposite. One is considered underweight if one’s weight is 15%-20% less than their ideal body weight


Food groups to consume in vomiting:

1. High protein foods: Add to the muscle mass

Foods to consume: Eggs, chicken, fish, meat, whole milk, curds, yogurt and cottage cheese

2. Healthy fat: Increase weight without the risk of high cholesterol or heart diseases

Foods to consume: Peanut butter, olive oil, almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios and avocados

3. Starchy carbohydrates: Provide the necessary calories

Foods to consume: Potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, bananas, mangoes & and figs


Recipes based on the above food groups:

Recipe 1: Smoothie

1. Put 250 ml whole milk in a blender
2. Chop 2 ripe bananas in a blender
3. Add these in the blender
4. Add 10 almonds
5. Add 5 cashews nuts
6. Then add 5 10 pistachios
7. Last but not the least, add 3 dates. These have been de-seeded
8. Blend all this together to make a smooth shake
9. Pour it in a glass

This delicious concoction is a great hunger satisfier any time of the day

Recipe 2: Chicken wrap

1. Take about 100 gm chicken breast for 1 wrap
2. Mix 1 tsp oil with a pinch of salt and pinch of pepper
3. Apply this on the chicken in the blow & let it rest
4. Heat a grill pan over high heat for about 5 min
5. Put the chicken on the pan and reduce the heat to medium
6. Cook the chicken on both the sides
7. In about 15-20 min your chicken should be done for 10-12 min
8. Once done, remove from the pan. While this cools, let us
prepare the filling.
9. Slit ½ a cucumber length wise
10. Add to it a thinly sliced tomato
11. Add 1 tbsp freshly chopped coriander and a pinch of salt. If
you have some jalapenos or olives you can add them for taste.
12. Now take 2 whole wheat tortillas and heat it on a pan
13. Once done remove it & apply 1 tsp of peanut butter on it
14. We have sliced the grilled chicken and kept it. Add this to the
15. Also add the filling mixture
16. Finally put some mayonnaise sauce
17. Wrap this up tight & it’s ready

You can have this for lunch or dinner






The above recipes have been developed in consultation with a nutritionist. However, these are not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of a trained health professional. All matters regarding your health require medical supervision. Consult your physician before adopting the suggestions in this video, as well as about any condition that may require diagnosis or medical attention. Refer to the terms of use on our website

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